Crush It! Challenge finalists


The following six Crush It! challenge finalists have each received as much as $800,000 to produce a prototype of their idea. The winner with the best solution will receive a grand prize of $5 million to develop a demonstration-scale version of their innovation. CEMI is excited at the opportunity to help mobilize innovators to create a cleaner, more productive, and globally competitive Canadian mining industry.

  1. Envisioning Labs
    Transcritical CO2 Pulverization
  2. COREM
    Development and Demonstration of HPGR Grinding and Novel Classification to Mineral Separation Circuit Feed Sizing in Replacement of Ball Milling
  3. The University of Toronto
    Demonstration of Combined Microwave-Assisted Comminution
    and Sorting for Energy Reduction in Mineral Processing
  4. Jenike & Johanson
    Targeted Microwave Heating Rocks! A Step-Change Energy Reduction  in Comminution
  5. COREM
    IntelliCrush: Advanced artificial intelligence tools to design eco-efficient comminution circuits
  6. Canada Mining Innovation Council
    Conjugate Anvil Hammer Mill - A Disruptive Grinding Technology that will Significantly Reduce Energy Consumption in Comminution

Visit Impact Canada to view the finalist presentations.

Natural Resources CanadaCentre For Excellence in Mining Innovation Inc.
Natural Resources CanadaCentre For Excellence in Mining Innovation Inc.